Sunday, April 6, 2008

Undecided Guilt

I kid from my graduating class committed suicide a few weeks ago. He hanged himself in a park right by my house. I was totally shocked when I found out. He was on the soccer team, ran track, kicked for the football team, seemed really fnctional. He was also really mean to me in junior high. He used to slam my friend J's locker, his was right next to hers. One day she decided to slam his in revenge, so she did, and his head was in it. She felt so bad, because she had only intended to slam his locker, not hurt him, but we both secretly rejoiced. Now that I think about it, I guess he could have had low self esteem, maybe that's why he made fun of me when we were thirteen. I feel kind of guilty for disliking him, just because he took his own life.
Today I was checking my Facebook account, and they have this new feature where they have this new feature that says "people you may know" and lists some people who probably have friends in common with you. Today, one of the people listed was this kid. The one that just killed himself. Funny how just after I stopped thinking about him all the time, that popped up. Anyway, I just found it kind of ironic and thought I'd share.

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