Wednesday, March 26, 2008

nothing is less real than realism

That's Georgia O'Keefe. I've been looking for some framed art, or art that can be framed, and have found that I either don't like it, can't afford it, or it wouldn't go with anything in my house. There's something wrong here.
In other news, A bought a truck. It's a '93 Toyota, and cost $150. As you can imagine, it needs an engine, or motor, or one of those big expensive things. He is oh so excited about it, and it really is pretty cute. Plus, it has AC. My car doesn't have AC.
Some commentary on our trip to Cali, that I've tried to weasel out of by putting up far too many slide shows. It was great. My sister's family was sick, but that didn't keep them from playing hard. From Wii, to soccer, to online old Nintendo, to basketball with a soccer ball, we played hard. So fun to see the kiddos (and grownups) that we see far to little of on a regular basis.
Then we were off to Monterey, and then Carmel. Monday, we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium as well as the Carmel Mission. Tuesday we went to Hearst Castle and then to Point Lobos. This is where we stayed. Overall, vacation wise, I'd give it a ten. It even included a stop at Buffalo Wild Wings on the way home, yum!
Now it's back to work and school, and discretionary funds. Blah. I just have to keep reminding myself that I'm at a transitional point, and that I won't have to do this forever.


Ana said...

Ask Mom for a painting. Seriously. And ask her to keep her eyes open at DI. Good luck with the truck, and come back to Cali as soon as you can! Maybe when it is warm and the strawberries are on!

Pierre said...

Nice review, but would you recommend this inn for a family destination? We were planning a bit of a road trip, and would like your feedback.

Pierre Dowing

Marta said...


I hope you look at this, I don't know how else to get it to you!

THe Carmel River Inn would be great for a family. My husband and his family stayed there multiple times when he was a kid. It's off the main street in Carmel, but close to a grocery store and restaurants. It is right on the river, and there are trails all around which would be fun (and free!) to explore. There is one lodge my husband's family always got, it's the biggest one, and would be good for a family. Ours had a small kitchen, so we bought cereal and milk at the nearby grocery to save money for breakfasts. It is close to Point Lobos and to Downtown Carmel. Do you have any specific questions?

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