Saturday, March 5, 2016

just another saturday

Today was a mostly good day. Evie went to her Grandma and Papa's this morning as part of a sleepover. She came home around 10 last night, I think because she was exhausted and her cute cousins were up talking when she really needed to go to sleep. She said is was "too crazy in there," meaning the room where they were all sleeping.

Ezra slept in until 8:00- a gift! 

We then dropped him with my parents, picked up Evie, and went to the Provo Temple Open House. Apparently he was an angel- very happy and affectionate. Evie was a little impatient at the open house. She didn't like wearing the booties over her shoes. She liked seeing the chandeliers, and overall it was fun to have an outing where we could focus on her and spend time just with her. She watched Tangled in the car and gave us commentary the whole way.

At naptime today Ezra was too happy to go to sleep, and Evie stayed awake playing and singing. He eventually submitted, and slept until nearly six- which is crazy late for him!

Andrew made an awesome dinner as a belated birthday gift to me (he was really sick last weekend, poor guy). He smoked ribs and they were so delicious! He also had a salad and oven fries, and dairy free frozen cheesecakes. So yummy!

I talked him into going shopping with me, which turned out not to be such a great idea. Let's just say my gift of being able to spend unlimited time at thrift stores can be a bit of a thorn in his side. Maybe next year I'll ask for a shopping trip all alone as my gift.

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