Sunday, September 28, 2014

funny girl.

I feel so lucky to have sweet Evelyn. She is adorable and hilarious. Her spontaneous outbursts of affection melt my heart. She walks up to us and gives us kisses and leg hugs all the time. And sometimes arm zurberts. Sometimes she'll grab my arm while she's in her highchair, just to give me a love and a kiss. She surprises us with her knowledge daily. Today she was looking at a big multi-picture frame, pointing at the frame openings and saying "oval." She knows oval! She's also started to pray. We tell her it is time to bless the food or say nightly prayers and she starts saying "Ah-father, ah-day," meaning Heavenly Father, we're thankful for this day. Sometimes she'll spontaneously pray, or start to pray when someone else is already saying a prayer (like at church).

Andrew had a football game on the other day, and she was convinced they were playing Ring Around the Rosie. She yelled "All fall down!" at the TV. She climbs into her rocking chair and starts to sing "Rock-a-bye and don't you cry, and we shall go to grannies." She loves to play peek-a-boo and hide and seek, especially with her cousins.

She wakes up every day saying "Eat lunch, oatmeal!" But she says wunch, and ohmeal. She counts a lot. Often she forgets nine, or she says tine ten, but she does get several of the teens.

She loves to paint with watercolors, usually with Grandma. The other day I asked her what she wanted to do, and she exclaimed "Paint!" I think I know what she'll want for her birthday.

We were at the store with Grandma the other day, and we we got separated for a few minutes. Totally unprompted, she started calling out, "Grandma! Where are you?" I'm just amazed with how much she absorbs and takes in and understands.

I love it when she says please and thank you and sure. I love how she makes a sour face when she takes a drink of orange juice. I love how she takes a deep breath of excitement when I tell her that we'll be seeing friends or cousins. I love how she toddles over and climbs into my lap, storybook in hand, and attentively listens to me read to her. And I have this thought, that part of parenthood is totally selfish. Because you have this little person who, at least for a short time, completely loves you and depends on you. And as hard as it can be, it is also wonderful.

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