Saturday, February 1, 2014

Recent Eats

A couple of weeks ago, we had a homemade ice cream extravaganza with some of A's classmates. They made strawberry and rocky road, and we made blueberry cheesecake.

Our three ice cream makers are in storage, so I found this recipe that doesn't use one! I also made a few changes. I couldn't find strawberry pie filling ANYWHERE, so I used blueberry instead.  I also used generic brand golden Oreos, which happened to be "double stuffed." My Blendtec was having a hard time crushing them up, so I added some graham crackers.  Overall, it was tasty! Not very ice cream like,  more frozen cheesecake parfait or something. I'd also try it with whipped cream instead of cool whip.

Another good food discovery happened the other night. My mom had made some vegetarian chili with black beans and sweet potatoes,  and not  was it quite spicy, but it wasn't very thick. We tossed in a can of tomato paste and a big can of refried black beans (the kind from the Mexican grocery store,  with lard, that are so delicious). It turned out so well!

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