Monday, February 25, 2013

Ten Weeks

For Evie's ten week birthday my mom and I took her to see Les Mis. Just kidding, we didn't let her watch much,  you know,  to keep her from getting overstimulated. We chose the first matinee,  11:20 am, to minimize the number of people that could potentially be disturbed by a crying baby.

Evie did great!  She ate twice, with a big nap in between. And I think she enjoyed the music.  At least,  she didn't cry.

Another cool thing,  she went to sleep without being rocked or bounced last night! Andrew is in Denver for a few days,  and I've been a little worried about getting her down for the night by myself, but she's really been great. What a good girl!

Now a note on motherhood.  I have noticed a change in myself since Evie we born. I feel less self centered.  For example, when I go thrifting I don't look at clothes for myself,  I spend my time looking through the baby clothes. And,  its my birthday this week,  and I really haven't thought about it at all.

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