Monday, July 4, 2011

July, so far.

This year I've really noticed how amazing july is. Its partly because my cousin in new york always has enviable july's (and summers in general), and maybe part of it is because I'm different this year.

July started off with a day off, what with fridays off on the four-trends schedule and everything. I worked at USEE in the morning, catching up with my good friend/boss there.

Then my mom picked me up to go to lunch. We tried to go to the copper onion, at emma's suggestion(s), but it was closed for that day's lunch while the installed a new ac unit (boo). So we walked down Broadway back toward our car, looking for another lunch venue, and who did we run into? Two of my beautiful cousins, one here visiting from Arizona. We joined up with them for lunch and went to a little deli (more like sandwich joint) called Cher's. For $2 I had a blt on wheat. It was loaded with bacon and mayo, aka sinfully delicious.

It was so fun to chat with cousins I rarely see, and after lunch we browsed a few charming antique stores. Then I had to run off to each babies in draper.

The first thing L, the oldest, said to me was "will you do all my barbies' hair?" Since that was always the best part of barbies, how could I refuse? Later, N (the middle child) pointed out that we were both "all red," wearing red pants and shorts. G, the recently-turned-two-year-old, sang happy birthday to herself for a good twenty minutes. So adorable.

After babysitting, A and I had an amazing roasted vegetable dinner with my parents and a student from India who had, at the time, only been in the country for four days. Then it was off to the Eaglewood Festival of Speed in North Salt Lake.

There we saw a Lamborghini, a few Lotuses (Loti?), a Caterham, Camaros, Cobras, and even a vintage Fiat that looked just like Luigi from the movie"Cars."

A and I had a lovely rest of or evening, running around to try to find an open pharmacy, and laughing till it hurt. We ate strawberry shortcake, and it just felt like one of those times week always remember.

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Emma said...

your photos are so cute. i love the first one. and i'm sad you didn't get to try the copper onion yet...but a $2 blt sounds delish!

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