Thursday, April 14, 2011

good things.

The last post here was a little negative. Sorry about that, and thank you to those who commented with uplifting words. You are the best.

There are some good things going on over here. For example, living with my parents is the best. My mom cooks amazing food all the time and keeps us very well fed. We love it. Also, I got to go to Baltimore on a business trip last weekend, where I met some amazing wonderful funny smart people. And, my husband is awesome. While I was gone he put new tires on my car and changed my oil. I would probably be carless without him.

I also tried shellac nail polish with my bff. It lasted almost as long as it should have, but the edges weren't sealed very well so now it is all peeled off. I'm excited to try it again though! Plus it stays super shiny and pretty (until it peels off).

Another perk of living with parents, my mom and I do random stuff all the time. Like go thrift shopping. Or to the movies. A few weeks ago we went to Jane Eyre. It was wonderful.

A and I went to the Jazz game a few weeks ago, courtesy his brother. We got to sit pretty darn close, and it was fun! Anything+Red Mango is fun for me. That's what the picture is from. At that point I still had blond extensions. The last one pulled out yesterday. And I'm wearing two of my most favorite outfit items there too: the 1940s vintage scarf I picked up at the antique fair in Ogden, and the buttery soft leather jacket I picked up from Target's Go International clearance for $70. A dressed himself, and got a comment on his Red Bull shirt, which is unusual because not many people here in the US know about Formula One.

And guess what? I'm going to DISNEYWORLD in like, three weeks. Now if i can just finish my thesis/last semester beforehand, it will be a miracle.

PS. This is what happens when I don't blog for too long, a much longer post than anyone really wants to read. So if you made it this far, good job!

Oh, and PPS. I'm trying to get out of wearing glasses. Third brand of contacts hopefully will work, they are dailies. Apparently my eyes aren't quite bad enough for lasik, not that I could afford it anyway! Maybe someday I'll have a picture of me without glasses frames cutting halfway into my eyes.

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