Sunday, March 7, 2010

going veg.

So, I haven't eaten any meat since Wednesday Night. This really hasn't been too difficult, I haven't even gone too much out of my way to do it. I've eaten very well, having spaghetti, oatmeal, saag, and roasted root veggies among other things.

This was partly intentional. I've decided I don't really like the industrial food system. It is not appetizing to me. I will spare you any gross details, but knowing where my food (and most meat) comes from and how it is raised, killed, and processed is very unappetizing. I know that many people don't want to know, they would rather live in ignorance, but I feel like if you are going to eat that food, you should at least be educated about it.

In addition to this, cutting out meat will significantly reduce my ecological and carbon footprint. I feel like it is socially and environmentally responsible. I'm not saying I don't like the taste of meat, on the contrary. It is delicious. I'm also not saying I will never eat it again. For now, I will eat wild salmon and other wild-caught salmon, as well as local grass fed red meat, like Morgan Valley Lamb.

I know that meat is not the only part of industrial food that is "wrong." We consume a lot of produce that has been doused in petroleum-based fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. They are trucked to our local grocery stores from hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles away. The average salad travels more than 1000 miles. Almost all strawberries and cherries have been grown using pesticides that are known carcinogens (and we wonder why cancer is such a problem here). In response to these issues, I have signed up for a CSA this summer. It doesn't start until June. Meanwhile, we eat organic green beans from Costco, and use frozen and bottled tomatoes from our garden. I also buy organic bananas. I plan on freezing and canning a lot more from our garden and CSA this summer, so that I don't have to rely on these toxic fruits and vegetables all winter.

These are just a few issues I have, for more information I highly suggest watching Food, Inc. and The Future of Food, as well as reading The Omnivore's Dilemma. (Also, on my list, Eating Animals.) I think if we stress too much about what we eat, we will end up frustrated and hungry. We all have to decide what we can feel good about. Some people (read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle) can eat all local, all organic. At this point, I am sad to say I cannot. However, I can stop eating meat. With ease.

My mom was a little upset when I told her this today before dinner. She had cooked meatloaf, and her meatloaf is AMAZING. I felt bad. Really. I almost gave in and had some, especially because I had been fasting all day and could have used some protein. I decided to eat sides first, some wonderful spinach and fruit salad and roasted sweet potatoes, and then see if I was still hungry enough for meatloaf. Well, I wasn't! I was totally satisfied, especially after two delicious cupcakes. (Mom: I love your meatloaf. I'm sorry I didn't eat any. This may just be a phase, but maybe not.)

So anyway, if you have to cook for me, I'm sorry. Don't alter your menu for me. This is my decision, I'm doing it to myself! And I hope you aren't offended by it. Really.


Chelsea said...

So what CSA did you sign up for? We have been thinking about it, but instead this summer we are going to try container gardening on our balcony. If that doesn't work out, we'll invest in a CSA.

Marta said...

We are doing East Farms. It ends up costing less than a dollar per person per day.

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