Monday, July 14, 2008

baby girl

Saturday, A's sisters and I threw a shower for our sister-in-law, who now has 17 days left of her pregnancy. I thought it turned out very well, especially the food. We served bagels, cut in fourths, with cream cheese. Deli meats and basil were available, and my favorite combination was the potato bagel with tomato basil cream cheese, basil, and spicy turkey. It was killer. We also served fruit and pink candies, and my sister MJ made a fantastic cake. Anyway, here are some cute pictures.


amy said...

cool!! how did you put the swirly flowers on there? I like that little touch. It helps to detract from my totally swollen face that no longer has a jaw line. :) haha. it's a good thing I don't look at pictures of myself that often. please tell me that the camera adds 10 pounds!

that party was awesome. thanks so much for doing it!

Marta said...

The flowers were just one of the options on the slide creating site I used, I thought they were cute and baby girl-ish. I seriously can't even tell about the whole jaw-line thing, not to say that you've always looked that way, just to say that it's not noticable! Seriously Amy, you look pregnant, not fat at all!
I'm so glad you liked the party, it was a lot of fun and you totally deserve it!

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